There is distance
Between what was
And what is
What can and what used to
Between where we were
And are going
Between the world we left
And the world we’re entering
Nothing is the same
How could it ever be?
The weight of what is lost
May always reside
In burdened hearts

But that distance
Is wide, open, and clear
Blue skies above
Verdant fields below
As the wind presses us on
We take flight
Leave the past behind
And look forward
To what comes next
Though we may never know
What road leads where
We soar
We rise
And the distance
Between us and the ground
Between the light of dawn
And the dusk we left behind
Soaring ever higher
We reach out to the truth
What we need
Is seldom what we want
But in time
It sets us free

That distance
Shapes in us
Who we’re meant to

One thought on “Distance

  1. Melissa Menard says:

    Joshua!! This is so lovely. I love its pace, its gentle evolution, and I couldn’t agree with its sentiments any more. We will be shaped by this, and the best we can hope for is that it carves away our darkness and selfishness, and makes us a better version of ourselves. Huzzah 💖

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